I'm Ana (pronounced Anne-uh).

I love coffee, road trips, slow rainy mornings, the feeling of breathing in cold mountain air, and spending time with my family. 

I like listening to old music, collecting vinyl records, taking my niece and nephew on "dates," and dry humor. I love watching Hallmark Movies (cringe, I know), Rom-Coms and The Office (or True Crime Documentaries). 

I've always loved dramatic visuals in 

midst of mundane moments.

Light pouring through a window, the way

someone's eyes light up when they look

into the eyes of their soulmate, and

the deep breath you can take after 

a long hug. 

My philosophy behind photography is 

to take photos that make you feel nostalgic, beautiful, and worth being remembered

for generations to come. Your love and what matters to you is what matters to me. Whether you're dating, engaged, or married I'm here to document it. 

From our first meetings to final delivery, my aim 

is to make you know that I care about what I do, and doing it with excellence.

My personality is best summed up in this Dolly Parton quote: “I do everything big. Love big, feel big, smile big, cry big”

In short--I'm here for you. 

I look forward to meeting you! 

Ana Lee, Ana Lee Photography, LLC.
Ana Lee, Ana Lee Photography at a pumpkin patch with family in Kentucky

Hey There! 

Ana Lee, Ana Lee Photography. Wedding Photographer. Smiling while taking a picture
Ana Lee Photography in New Jersey


Growing up without all but one  of my grandparents,

I always longed to learn more about my family's past generations. Thankfully, they had film cameras they used to capture so much of their lives that have been handed down. I grew up studying these images, reading love notes on the back and seeing the love and joy on their faces.


My maternal grandfather was deployed as a fighter pilot during World-War-II, and one of my most treasured photos is one of him standing in the snow next to a Christmas tree. The back of the photo is signed "To: Sophie. All my love, Tony"

These images made me feel connected to my family I didn't get to know. 

In the same way, I strive to craft images that will not only be loved by my clients, but treasured by their future generations. They have the power to communicate the love and affection you share here in the present for decades to come. 

My greatest joy is providing an experience for my clients where they feel valued and cared for from day one, knowing they can fully trust in my vision to provide beautiful images retelling the most magical day of their lives as a couple. 

I'm looking forward to creating something amazing with you.


Ana Lee Photography Bride and Groom Kissing under a clear umbrella. Location Farmington Historic Plantation in Louisville, KY