Romantic Rainy Wedding Day 

Rebecca + Dawson's outdoor wedding at Farmington Historic Plantation was met with a cluster of surprise rain showers. These two had the best attitude and wanted to not only make the best of the rain, but highlight the unforgettable memory. 


Bright Autumn Colors Family Session 

We thought the rain was going to ruin our session, and even sat in their minivan watching the rain go from a slight mist to total DOWNPOUR. Eventually, weather was on our side and we got some especially sweet memories to go along with these precious images. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!

I mean, LOOK at those colors! 

Dreamy Engagement Session in the Kentucky Countryside.

I got a text saying "we're down to just explore to get whatever you think is best!" And the rest was a DREAM. 

From parking on the side of a single-lane highway and dodging cars, to checking for snakes while standing on the edge of a farm, this session was July golden-hour MAGIC.